Thursday, September 4, 2008

Paige is a PRESCHOOLER too.

WOW, Paige's first day of preschool went well. She is a TURTLE, and goes to school M/Th for 4 whole hours. I was so proud of her, she loved being a big girl and carrying her back pack today, she actually had to have a test run with it yesterday when we took Reese to her first day. So basically our weekly schedule is 1 day with both girls at school, one day both home, two days with just Paige and I, and one day with just Reese and I. Speaking of Reese she loved her ALONE with Mommy time today, so much she didn't want to pick up Paige. LOL, but when Reese got to Paige's classroom and she saw Paige, they were both so very happy to be with each other. Paige was so cute, she gets to pack her lunch and eat with her classmates in the cafeteria. The only one issue with Paige and preschool is that she had a really hard time settling down for nap this afternoon, was so tired she just cried. She is exhausted. I am hopeful that naps will work them selves out eventually. Enjoy the pictures.


Froggylady said...

She is a turtle with that big ol backpack! Too cute! She looks so proud and grown up.

cdodge said...

Glad to see everyone is doing well. Take care and hope to hear from you all soon and see you as well.
Dodge Family

Sumpffamilie said...

So grown up!!