Friday, April 29, 2016

Congratulations to the farm!  We are now Homegrown By Heroes certified...

Monday, April 25, 2016

MCM A man, his overalls and a baby.


Young Living Love

I love essential oils, really love them.  I have conducted a lot of research, reading reviews and blogs and have decided to stay with Young Living Essential Oils.

When we moved home from Germany, I lost the cords to my YL diffusers.  So, for now I thought I would just try to find something that would work.  With three girls that love lavender diffusing when they go to bed I needed a less expensive route than the YL ones.  I know right, how could I go with anything other than Young Living, well finances will only allow for so much and it was more important to have the oils diffusing that not at all.  On that note I might try another brand diffuse but I will NOT buy any other essential oils than Young Living.  I am beyond happy that the URPOWER Essential Oil Diffuser 2nd Edition held up to the the Amazon reviews.

I will soon share with you what mists, cleaners, roller ball and cleaning recipes I have tried.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Naming?? Chickens.

We have 13 chickens on our farm. 9 chickens that are a little over 12 weeks old and 4 that are around 8 weeks old.  We have been slowly coming up with names for them.  We named 4 pretty quickly, each of the older three girls named one and I named one, we have Mags, Red, Stripes and Ducklawn (thank you Paige Poo for a fun name).  Recently a friend of mine sent me a link to a post on Pinterest of a painted wooden sign listing all her chicken's names, let's just say super cute.  I think this friend offered to make it for me... RIGHT??  So, needless to say it started a naming discussion with the family.  I think we managed to name all the older 9 chickens... then I talked to this same friend and she suggested I have two named after two of my closest friends, YES, one after her.  When I thought about it, really thought about it, it made sense.  See, I have these two chickens, one a silver laced wyandotte and the other a barred rock.  Both black and white and always seem to stick together, likes sisters from a different egg.  They seem to get into a lot of trouble together, they want to party in the goat pen and not come back out.  They don't want to go to bed at night.  The don't like to share treats.  I am always chasing them while fussing at them.  Here is the best part.. I get to laugh with them, lots of silly laughs.  I introduce you to, Kim and Katrina.

Kim for a close up.

Katrina on the run.

For those of you that know Kim or Katrina, what do you think?

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Phoebe Jane turns 1

It is impossible that a year has passed.  I still can so vividly remember walking to the local Krankenhaus (hospital) in Frankfurt for my +2 day observation.  A routine check of contractions and fluid levels every two days post 40 weeks.  The midwives in the kresssaal (yes, three S's I can't make my keyboard do the funny looking B, the "eszett" in the German alphabet) were amazing.  The process was long and slow in the beginning but in the end she came hard and fast.   My fluids were low and they decided to induce me so it just took awhile to get things going.  "Goose" Phoebe Jane's nickname comes from the little honking noises she made in her first few months of life when she got excited, she sounded like a goose.  Not even a month old and she flew across the ocean to her new world for her, the good ole' USA.  After a summer in VA waiting on her parents to decide what retiring from the USMC would be like she was able to settle here in SC.. in her new home.  Crazy to think that this little girl will most likely live in this one house until college.  Reese, her big sister has lived in 7 houses and 3 temporary apartments in her 11 years of life.  She is one sweet little girl.  She loves her sisters.  She can say Mama, Dada, Nan (Khan, our puppy), baby, not nice, goat, cracker, snack, chicken, puppy... now granted the words come out more like GOA for goat and nack for snack but I think even a stranger would get what she was saying.  She can sign please, all done, book, bath, thank you, more, wash.  She waves bye bye and blows kisses.  She is a little bitty thing, the smallest of the 4 girls by 50 percentiles.  We love you Jane so very much.  Happy Birthday Blog post.