Monday, February 23, 2009

Latest Updates / Projects / Pictures ...

Ok, so what has been up with the Wiggins Family lately? Let's see. Craig is in the field this week playing COMM Officer. He left this morning and will be back on Friday sometime... I feel really bad for him because its super cold this week, right now its 29 degrees outside. The girls are great, Reese recently painted a great water color painting for the Children's Silent Art Auction at the church. I will have to post a picture of it later because I haven't down loaded it off the camera and Craig has it out in the field. Paige is doing well, she is speaking more and more words each day and growing like a weed. I just pulled out a bunch of 3T clothes for her. Baby Claire is growing too, and is SUPER ACTIVE. I had an appointment last week and she has a strong heartbeat. I have gained two more pounds, I go back in, in about two weeks for the glucose test. JOY. I am still waiting on word for the referral to transfer my care out in town.
My friend Tara sent me a picture of a cute little dress that she made for her little girl and I loved it. I decided tonight to try the pattern out and make some for the girls, I have a few changes planned to the following dresses and plan on making a few more in other fabrics since Reese loves dresses so much, and that is beginning to rub of on Paige.
The girls are cute little models aren't they?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Reese continues the laughs

Bedtime in this house hold is Craig's job. Reese is great if Mommy puts her to bed but Paige throws a fit. So, as long as Craig is home it is his job. The other night Reese continued the humor filled day. The girls had their baths, vitamins and teeth were brushed and they were off to bed, Reese decided to take a short cut across the room and jumped from Paige's bed to her bed and fell. On the floor Craig could tell she hurt herself because she was rubbing her foot/toes, but she wasn't hurt, so he asked "are you ok Reese?" her response... "NO, I hurt my big thumb of my foot" (her big toe)... this little girl just loves to say things that are too cute.
Smartie Pants Reese. :)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Wiggins Family Tuesday Laughs...

I decided to tell these two funny stories not to embarrass my daughters presently or in the future but just to share my funnies for the day.

Scenario #1... Reese

We ran out this morning to take a movie back to the redbox and to make another stop and the conversation between Reese and I went like this...

I just got done telling her where I was planning on going...
Reese "Mommy, where else are we going?"
Me "well maybe we will go drive by and see the new hospital where Claire might be born" (the last couple of days I have been researching new OB care and the new hospital opening Feb. 27 not but two miles from my house
Reese "oh where they took my pee?"
Me "um no this is the new Hospital, no one has been there yet"
Reese "oh not where they took my pee? you know from my VAJONNA" (as she patted her crotch)
Me "no this is a new place"
then as we pass the clinic where over the summer we thought she had the UTI and we took her to get a urine sample and Reese pointed and said "there mommy, that is where we went for my pee and VAJONNA"

I was seriously trying at this point not to die by laughing attack, I simply agreed with that yes that was the place that took her pee tested... I love my 4 year old's brain...

oh and yes, I am one of those Moms that wants to teach my child the politically correct names for her body parts... I still avoid saying the V word as much as possible but obviously it has somewhat stuck the few times I have had to say it.....

Scenario #2 Paige

This afternoon during nap/quiet time the girls were supposed to be settled and quiet in their room... they weren't, I knew it would be hard for them today because we hadn't really done too much that would make them tired... I had already gone back there once to tell them to be quiet and just rest. After awhile of QUIET I thought, yay, we have success, boy I was wrong, all of a sudden I hear Paige laughing and her bed squeaking... well I go back there and she is BUTT naked jumping on her bed. Her clothes right there at her feet, Reese in her bed, just giggling away at her NAKED sister....

My two silly little girls, what will I ever do with Little Miss Claire?

Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy February the TOOTH!!!

Yeah, I know shouldn't it be the second? NOPE, not to me. When I was a kid my grandmother was explaining Groundhogs day to me and she told me that it happened every year on February the 2nd which didn't make sense to me, I thought the 2nd should be the Tooth, like the 4th or the 5th... so every year since while she was alive she would call me and wish me a Happy February the TOOTH. Since she passed away, my Mom and I carry on the tradition. Even Craig sent me a text this morning that said "Happy TOOTH Day." Too sweet. So in honor of my childhood silliness and the love of my Grandmother. HAPPY FEBRUARY TOOTH to you all.