Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy February the TOOTH!!!

Yeah, I know shouldn't it be the second? NOPE, not to me. When I was a kid my grandmother was explaining Groundhogs day to me and she told me that it happened every year on February the 2nd which didn't make sense to me, I thought the 2nd should be the Tooth, like the 4th or the 5th... so every year since while she was alive she would call me and wish me a Happy February the TOOTH. Since she passed away, my Mom and I carry on the tradition. Even Craig sent me a text this morning that said "Happy TOOTH Day." Too sweet. So in honor of my childhood silliness and the love of my Grandmother. HAPPY FEBRUARY TOOTH to you all.

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Sumpffamilie said...

and to you sweetie :)
By the way, I am going to stop by this week to get my pyrex... its a staple in my kitchen!