Sunday, February 17, 2008

Again more mountain pictures

More Mountain Pictures

Mountain Trip

On a whim we decided to take a quick trip up the the mountains of VA. We stayed at a nice Hampton Inn Friday night in Fisher, VA right outside of Staunton. The drive up there was beautiful, we passed several horse farms, vinyards and cute small country towns. Once we checked in and got settled we went swimming in the the indoor pool for an hour. Saturday we got up and attemped to drive south on the Blueridge Pky/Skyline drive but it was closed. So we explored the area and came across the Grand Caverns. It was our first time going into caves. The girls did great during the 80 min tour. Then we went to lunch, loaded up into the truck and headed home. We detoured in Fredricksburg (normal stomping ground) to do a little mall/retail therapy.

Valentine's Day

The Wiggins family spent a quiet Valentine's Day at home. We had a nice dinner and exchanged our cards, homemade cards from the girls and our gifts.

Paige's 18 month studio pictures

These pictures are a little late because we waited until Paige was better from her virus, but they turned out great.

Paige's Hospital Scare.

On Saturday, February 2nd Paige got really sick with a stomach virus, and was sick all night, she seemed better on Sunday until right before bed, when she got sick again, then again seemed fine. She slept great all night long. Then Monday morning she woke up very sick again, we decided she should go into the clinic. I tried for an hour to get thru to the nurse at the clinic on base but couldn't get anyone. We decided to take her to an Urgent Care accross town recommened by close friends, right when we were heading out the door the base clinic called and put in a referral for another Urgent Care clinic right up the road. So off Paige and I went. We checked in waited about 50 mins in the waiting room, then another 45 mins in the room. During all this Paige threw up two more times and seemed to be getting worse. Finally the Dr. came into the room examed Paige in about 3 mins and told me that she had a double ear infection and was dehydrated but she could not do anything because she wasn't a pediatrician and that I would have to take her down to Mary Washington Hopsital ER. I was livid, at this point Paige was napping, at 10 am in the morning, was so weak and so tired. I had wasted almost 2 hours of time. I couldn't believe that the Naval Clinic would send me somewhere that couldn't even treat and 18 month old. So to make a long story a little shorter, we came home 7 hours later, after a cathedar, labs, IV fluids and two popsicles. She recovered slowly at home and within about 3 hours after coming home, Craig was sick. Luckily Reese and I both managed to stay well. Here are a few pictures of Paige's SAD hospital stay.