Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Is the night over? Daylight I see?

Oh my what a night. I am so glad its daylight and the girls seem ok so far. I am not sure if was 12 and 2 or 2 and 4 when they each settled down and were able to walk away from the little white trash can for the last time, I HOPE. I can't remember. The numbers on the clock seem to blurr together. So far this morning we have just cleaned up our blankets, pillows and pallets off of the living room floor and couch. I have had a crying spell from exhaustion and emotions. The girls were sweet to me though, patted my head and Reese asked "are you afraid you need the little white trash can?" So sweet. I think we will spend the day in front to the tv watching movies and recovering. I won't be able to be too lazy, still need to finish all this laundry and CLORAX wipe as much as I can. I will have to feed us too ofcourse. So if you don't mind just pray and send healthy vibes to the Wiggins House... :)

Monday, September 29, 2008

Hatred for the little white trash can...

The girls are sick... both of them seem to be rotating turns over the little white bathroom trashcan. THEY HATE IT. How it started, I get a call at 11:50 that Reese threw up at lunch... on her, the table, across the table, and onto one of her classmates. GREAT! I don't get the message until a little after 12 and I manage to pick her up at 12:20... where she doesn't even make it out of the school before she throws up again. Once home she cryed to have a bath to wash her hair, so we did that and she threw up again. Paige wanted to join her in the tub so they both sat in the tub sucking on popsicles. At this point Reese seemed to perk up a bit. I got her all settled into a bed of towels in my room so she could watch a movie. Paige then climbed onto the other side of the bed to take her nap... the next hour was amazing. NOTHING happened. Craig got home a bit early today and he walked in to both girls sitting in my bed watching a movie, hugged Reese and asked how she had been. As soon as I said "She has been fine" PAIGE threw up all over UNTOWELED side of our bed. YAY us. So basically we have been rotating laundry, clothes, sheets, towels. Taking turns with the little white trash. THEY HATE IT.

Poor little girls, just pray that this is quick and that Craig and I stay healthy. We love and miss you all. :)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Day 7

We all loaded up together this morning and went to an amazing church service, then went to lunch at Pancho Villa. Since we were stuffed when we got home we all needed naps, except for Craig. After naps the weather cleared up for about an hour or so so we went out back and played with the BB guns. As you can see we look really country, yes Reese still has her church dress on with pink pj bottoms and matching pink boots. Paige is even worse with her Redskins jersey, purple pants and black boots. They didn't need them but the mosquito's were getting bad so skin coverage was a must. Both girls ended up sandy and dirty and had to go straight in to the bath before we ate dinner. Right now we are just being lazy. It looks like Luke and Ashleigh will be attempting to get on a flight home in the morning so we will make the best of our last evening together.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Day 5

So the weather today on our 5th day toghether is wet and yucky. Which meant we couldn't do too much and were begining to get bored in the house. I decided we would make some pumpkin people. While Paige was off at preschool, Luke, Ashleigh, Reese and I went to a local nursery to purchase a bunch of pumpkin for our family. Craig will have to make his as soon as he has time.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Day Three

Day Three... what beautiful weather we are having... FALL is here. Paige had speech therapy this morning, good news there... we are taking her therapy down to once a month. YAY. Luke had fun helping out with the therapy, Reese and Ashleigh snuggled on the couch watching Noggin. As soon as ST was over we headed over to Lunga Lake Park for some fun playtime and a picnic. We even took Ender, who is so super spoiled right now. We came home and the girls napped, Luke and Ashleigh went food shopping for me, when the girls got up we played outside for a while then ate dinner and then the girls and Ender both PASSED out. Another great day.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Day 2

Day 2... the girls went to school this am and Luke and Ashleigh slept in, trying to adjust to East Coast time. We all went together to pick them up at 1:15, Luke and Ashleigh brought the girls Chick Fil A fries as a treat and they loved it. We went home and the girls took a nap and then we went swimming down at the "Son's" house. We ate a nice dinner and waited for Craig to get home, it is so nice just to be able to do stuff together.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

We Love Family....

We love family. Craig's brother Luke and his wife, Ashleigh were able to take a MAC flight out here to visit us from Mirimar, CA. And we are so excited to be able to hang out and have fun together before Luke heads back over to the big sandbox. Hope you enjoy all the pictures of all the fun.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Reese...

It is so hard to believe that Little Miss Taylor Reese Wiggins is 4 years old today, she has grown from her 6 lb 12 oz little baby girl with a head of dark, dark brown hair into a tall blond, that is so sweet, loves to snuggle still and is a smart little helper. She is very social but can still be a home body and would be super happy if you just sat with her and either read a book or watched one of her favorite movies with her. Daddy and Mommy love you very much and patiently can't wait to see who you grow up to be. HAPPY BIRTHDAY REESE!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Aunt Mae Mae's surprise arrival..

Craig's sister, Kim, better known as Aunt Mae Mae was attempting to surprise myself and the girls before her big move to San Diego, CA. She and Craig had been conspiring for a few weeks now, but the surprise had to be spoiled a little due to Hanna. Kim had the opportunity to leave Charleston, SC a day earlier which meant I had to be told of the conspiracy or she would have to sit at the airport for a day til Craig could pick her up tomorrow. Reese was SURPRISED for sure... in the pictures you will see the progression of her phone call to Kim while leaving Stafford, to arriving at the airport and rolling the window down, to her looking for someone, then seeing someone, then REALIZING who that someone was. It was great to watch. Paige, seemed to kind of know who Kim was but didn't. It was as if she knew the voice, from phone calls, but just wasn't sure of the face. It didn't take long for her to be at ease with Mae Mae, on the ride home she even began to say Mae Mae. We are happy to have family here, its been 9 MONTHS since we have seen anyone. We love You ALL!.