Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Is the night over? Daylight I see?

Oh my what a night. I am so glad its daylight and the girls seem ok so far. I am not sure if was 12 and 2 or 2 and 4 when they each settled down and were able to walk away from the little white trash can for the last time, I HOPE. I can't remember. The numbers on the clock seem to blurr together. So far this morning we have just cleaned up our blankets, pillows and pallets off of the living room floor and couch. I have had a crying spell from exhaustion and emotions. The girls were sweet to me though, patted my head and Reese asked "are you afraid you need the little white trash can?" So sweet. I think we will spend the day in front to the tv watching movies and recovering. I won't be able to be too lazy, still need to finish all this laundry and CLORAX wipe as much as I can. I will have to feed us too ofcourse. So if you don't mind just pray and send healthy vibes to the Wiggins House... :)


Froggylady said...

My first comment from my new laptop...reserved just for you! I hope the girls are still doing well and that the yucky has past!

Amber said...

You poor thing!!! I hope that the girls are feeling all better now. Isn't it horrible when they get sick like that, and both of them at the same time....IS NOT FUN!!! Glad that you surviored!

Amber said...

You poor thing!!! I hope that the girls are feeling better now. That must not have been very fun. I hate it when the kids get sick at the same time!!! Not fun at all!!!! I hope that you survived!!!