Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Appel Happel - Good Fall Fun

It is FALL here in Frankfurt and that means it is time to begin all the FUN FALL ACTIVITIES our family loves to do.  Two weeks ago a Department of State friend posted pictures of her family picking apples and roasting marshmallow's at a local Apple Farm and I immediately began to get all the information I could on the place.  So on Saturday, September 15th we went to Appel Happel, it was so much fun for the girls.  We picked over 14 kg of apples that cost us less than 20 Euros.  For us it was well worth it for an hour of good healthy family fun.  We came home and made  a paleo apple pie, apple sauce and ate tons of apples for days... I even took a bag of apples to the school and a bag over to a new family here in the siedlung as a welcome gift.  
We are still eating the apples.  
So so YUMMY! 

Appel Happel, we will see you again next fall.
Oh and I will make sure I charge my camera battery before going... :(

Monday, September 24, 2012

Heidelberg Castle - Saturday

On Saturday the family went for a road trip to:
Heidelberg Castle, in German Heidelberger Schloss, is a famous ruin in Germany and landmark of Heidelberg.
We spent all day touring the grounds, gardens and nooks and crannies of this amazing Schloss. 
Sadly, we didn't even make into the actual town of Heidelberg down below the castle.  Next time.

That is a SERIOUS amount of wine storage.

There are so many castles in Germany.  I can't wait til the next one.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thursday Three - GUEST post from The Lily Pad

You know you have a friend that you can go days and weeks with out talking to them and then when you do it's like you haven't missed a minute.  Well Katrina is one of my few friends that I can do that with.  Lately we send each other random, awkward but super silly VOXER messages and carry out a long never finished conversation through google and ichat.   We used to play the Wii while everyone else went skiing.  We used to go crazy in Joanne's together and take crazy pictures of bolts of fabric. Take silly drag or super cute photos for other friends blogs... stay up late sewing and drinking wine while the hubs were deployed.  Stay up late looking at owls.  Stay up late watching the olympics together while google chatting across town while the hubs were playing MARINES.  Shenanigans are ENDLESS when we get together.  I MISS HER so so much. I can't wait til she can get her hiney hiney hiney over here to Deutchland so we can have some crazy EUROPEAN sillinesses together

 Katrina's Three Favorite pictures from the summer:
1. During a 24 power outage on 100+ degree day, we had a water fight.  It looks like I lost, but I assure you, cold water my head meant I was winning. 

2. A girl and her Grandaddy getting ready to go canoeing.  Enough said. 

3. This summer has been one of accomplishments and the one I'm most proud of for Madelyn is learning to swim and for her to be confident in her skills.
Katrina is a witty silly craft crazy amazing FRIEND... go check her out.  

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Happy 8th Birthday Taylor Reese

Taylor Reese Wiggins 
September 10th, 2004
6lbs 12oz
19.5 inches

Me, just days before having Reese!
Aunt MaeMae hours after delivery.
Craig loved snuggling this little bundle.
Meeting Uncle Luke.. look at that dark hair.
Meeting Grandma (my Mom)
And Papa (my Dad)
she was such a ROOTER
With Trai... 6 babies were born in 6 weeeks of each other that year at the Citadel.
little pumpkin....
She is such a blessing in our lives

Reese Celebrates 
8 Years!
Happy 1st Birthday!!!
Charleston, SC 2005
Happy 2nd Birthday!
Charleston, SC 2006
Happy 3rd Birthday! Princess & Pirate party
Charleston, SC 2007
Happy 4th Birthday!  Treasure Box Paty
Stafford, VA 2008 
Happy 5th Birthday! Lemon Theme
Stafford, VA 2009
Happy 6th Birthday! Tea Party
Oceanside, CA 2010
Happy 7th Birthday!  Mock Sleepover
Oceanside, CA 2011
Happy 8th Birthday BEAUTIFUL!!!
Frankfurt, Germany 2012

Monday, August 27, 2012

First Day of School

Three Hands Full Start School
Paige the 1st Grader
Reese is a 3rd Grader

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Back to SCHOOL Feast

We had our first ever Back To School Feast tonight.  Stephanie Neislon over at NieNie Dialogues has done this for her children for years.  She is an inspiration and I am an avid follower of her blog.  I just love her idea of the "Feast" and thought that this year we would start doing our own dinner to honor the girls going back to school and all that the new year has to offer.  I had so much fun planning the dinner and making the girls their crowns.  Craig is traveling, so sadly he is missing out on the girls first day of school tomorrow AGAIN.  The last two years he was in Afghanistan.  NEXT YEAR he will hopefully be here.

Reese, Claire and Paige with their crowns in front of the dinner table.
Me and my Three Hands Full.
Paige is going to be in the 1st grade.
German bubbly for kids (non alcoholic), schnitzel, spaezle, salat and brotchen were on the menu all in honor of our new home.
Reese goes by Taylor (first name) at school will be a 3rd grader this year... While Claire will be in  a 3's class.
They helped serve
Paige dishing up everyones salat
Claire spilled her bubbly so she ate her fancy dinner in her panties.. LOL.