Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Appel Happel - Good Fall Fun

It is FALL here in Frankfurt and that means it is time to begin all the FUN FALL ACTIVITIES our family loves to do.  Two weeks ago a Department of State friend posted pictures of her family picking apples and roasting marshmallow's at a local Apple Farm and I immediately began to get all the information I could on the place.  So on Saturday, September 15th we went to Appel Happel, it was so much fun for the girls.  We picked over 14 kg of apples that cost us less than 20 Euros.  For us it was well worth it for an hour of good healthy family fun.  We came home and made  a paleo apple pie, apple sauce and ate tons of apples for days... I even took a bag of apples to the school and a bag over to a new family here in the siedlung as a welcome gift.  
We are still eating the apples.  
So so YUMMY! 

Appel Happel, we will see you again next fall.
Oh and I will make sure I charge my camera battery before going... :(

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