Sunday, September 9, 2012

Happy 8th Birthday Taylor Reese

Taylor Reese Wiggins 
September 10th, 2004
6lbs 12oz
19.5 inches

Me, just days before having Reese!
Aunt MaeMae hours after delivery.
Craig loved snuggling this little bundle.
Meeting Uncle Luke.. look at that dark hair.
Meeting Grandma (my Mom)
And Papa (my Dad)
she was such a ROOTER
With Trai... 6 babies were born in 6 weeeks of each other that year at the Citadel.
little pumpkin....
She is such a blessing in our lives

Reese Celebrates 
8 Years!
Happy 1st Birthday!!!
Charleston, SC 2005
Happy 2nd Birthday!
Charleston, SC 2006
Happy 3rd Birthday! Princess & Pirate party
Charleston, SC 2007
Happy 4th Birthday!  Treasure Box Paty
Stafford, VA 2008 
Happy 5th Birthday! Lemon Theme
Stafford, VA 2009
Happy 6th Birthday! Tea Party
Oceanside, CA 2010
Happy 7th Birthday!  Mock Sleepover
Oceanside, CA 2011
Happy 8th Birthday BEAUTIFUL!!!
Frankfurt, Germany 2012


Andrea Kahkonen said...

I love how you posted a pic from each birthday!!! Happy Birthday Reese!!!

Kimberlee Marsh said...

Awe!!! Tears! I miss that little girl! A very happy 8th birthday to Reese :) I still remember the phone call from you with the wonderful news that you were pregnant w her. I miss you hon! Xoxo