Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Reese's Preschool Farm Day

Reese's weekday preschool went to Merry Oaks farm today, which is owned by one of her teachers. Paige and I tagged along with all the other parents and had a great time. We were able to pet and feed, bot belly pigs, rabbits, ducks, donkies, cows, sheep and horses. We did crafts, made snacks and played with all her classmates. The highlight of the day was getting to ride the horses. I was amazed at Reese she just climbed right up and rode to her little hearts content. She was such a big girl. Merry Oaks farm was merry indeed.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Strawberry Picking

The girls and I met some of the Charlie Co. wives and children at Belvedere Plantation this morning to pick strawberries. It was a beautiful day and if it wasn't windy it would have been perfect weather, but the wind put a nice chill in the air and I wasn't prepared for it. Reese has on one of my sweaters and we borrowed a jacket from one of our friends for Paige. Still we triumphed and had a great time. The older girls ate a ton of strawberries, which I was ok with because the field guide told us to "munch away" while picking because they were "spray free." YAY... Paige did very well too, she was very good at only picking and eating the red ones and if she got bored with picking them herself she just snacked on the already picked ones in my tray. When I got them home and started to prepare them to make the three batches of jam, Craig had instructed me to make... The man and his love for strawberries, I found several Paige bitten strawberries in the bunch. I hope you like the pictures.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Soccer Tots II

racing to kick over the cones
kicking over cones
she is supposed to be standing the cones back up with her feet.....

Ok, so Reese is slowly progressing her soccer skills games at Soccer Tots. Today she stretched, slow ball drills, fast ball drills, placed cones, kicked over cones, stood cones back up using only feet, then kicked cones back over, then scooped up cones with feet and them with hands, put up cones, chased hoola hoops, then played jersy tag.... So much fun, she still seems to be teachers pet, but did participate a bit better... Still loving it.

Women's Day Brunch

Me, proud of all my work.
my table
closer picture
Kristi, Me and Ashleigh.... GREAT FRIENDS
Me and Ashleigh
Kristi and Ashleigh (Mom and Daughter)

Our church, Mount Ararat Baptist Church had a Womens Brunch today and I was talked into hosting a table, which required me to provide any thing and everything you need at a formal place setting, dishes, glasses, linens and decorations. I had a blast putting it together, Craig wasn't that happy as I packed up my china and toted it off, he was worried for me that it might get broken and I would be mad at myself. Well, its all home, washed and put back into the china cabinet as I type so we are good. It was a very nice brunch, the food was delish and well the fellowship, like always at MABC was heart warming. My dear friend Kristi bought my tablecloth and pink napkins for me, which was super sweet. I was very proud of my table and of all the tables (25) I think I had to be in the top 5. LOL. Ok, so here enjoy the pics. I have to share.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother's Day Tea

Reese's class going over the Month, Day and Year.
Reese, the days flag holder.
Singing her songs.
Checking out all the Moms.

Denise and the girls.
Sister Paige.... Reese Sllluuurrrppping her tea.
Reese with Ms. Jonie and some of her classmates.
Ms. Jonie loves Reese, the feeling is mutual.

Reese's weekday preschool class at Mount Ararat Baptist Church hosted a Mother's Day Tea today. It was absolutely adorable and I had a great time spending sometime with her and her teachers, Ms. Jonnie and Ms. Ellie, whom Reese loves. I love them too, you can see how much they love these children and how much thought they put into the daily lessons and schedules. I am so glad I decided to send her here and we will be anxious for her to go back after summer break. This was the best Mother's day gift I could have received. Enjoy the pics.