Monday, May 5, 2008

SWIMMING at the "Son's" House

Craig enjoying the water.
Kristi coaxing Paige in...
Reese and Craig playing.
Enjoying the pool.
Paige eating her popsicle.
Taking a break to munch on a firecracker popsicle.
Reese got back in, while we all layed out in the sun.
She loved having the whole pool to herself.
Paige showing us her blue hands.

The weather warmed up to 80 this weekend and we got to take our first dip in our family friends ,"The Son's", wonderfullly heated pool. You will probably see more pictures of the girls swimming in the pool, since Kristi issued me a Tinkerbell, and Pooh Bear key to get in any time the girls and I want too. Their house is a very short walk down the street around the corner. We had a great time playing around and it was such a great weekend. I hope you enjoy the pictures.
Denise :)


seadreams said...

The pool looks so nice....youall will have a great summer!! What a great weekend.

The Kahkonen Family said...

Looks like you guys had a wonderful weekend!! How nice to have a pool so close by that you guys can enjoy and relax in!! Thats SO much better than going to a public pool!! You guys will have an awesome summer!! We're just waiting to see if we're stayin here or moving week we'll know for sure!! Miss ya guys!!