Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother's Day Tea

Reese's class going over the Month, Day and Year.
Reese, the days flag holder.
Singing her songs.
Checking out all the Moms.

Denise and the girls.
Sister Paige.... Reese Sllluuurrrppping her tea.
Reese with Ms. Jonie and some of her classmates.
Ms. Jonie loves Reese, the feeling is mutual.

Reese's weekday preschool class at Mount Ararat Baptist Church hosted a Mother's Day Tea today. It was absolutely adorable and I had a great time spending sometime with her and her teachers, Ms. Jonnie and Ms. Ellie, whom Reese loves. I love them too, you can see how much they love these children and how much thought they put into the daily lessons and schedules. I am so glad I decided to send her here and we will be anxious for her to go back after summer break. This was the best Mother's day gift I could have received. Enjoy the pics.

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