Monday, May 19, 2008

Strawberry Picking

The girls and I met some of the Charlie Co. wives and children at Belvedere Plantation this morning to pick strawberries. It was a beautiful day and if it wasn't windy it would have been perfect weather, but the wind put a nice chill in the air and I wasn't prepared for it. Reese has on one of my sweaters and we borrowed a jacket from one of our friends for Paige. Still we triumphed and had a great time. The older girls ate a ton of strawberries, which I was ok with because the field guide told us to "munch away" while picking because they were "spray free." YAY... Paige did very well too, she was very good at only picking and eating the red ones and if she got bored with picking them herself she just snacked on the already picked ones in my tray. When I got them home and started to prepare them to make the three batches of jam, Craig had instructed me to make... The man and his love for strawberries, I found several Paige bitten strawberries in the bunch. I hope you like the pictures.

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