Saturday, May 17, 2008

Women's Day Brunch

Me, proud of all my work.
my table
closer picture
Kristi, Me and Ashleigh.... GREAT FRIENDS
Me and Ashleigh
Kristi and Ashleigh (Mom and Daughter)

Our church, Mount Ararat Baptist Church had a Womens Brunch today and I was talked into hosting a table, which required me to provide any thing and everything you need at a formal place setting, dishes, glasses, linens and decorations. I had a blast putting it together, Craig wasn't that happy as I packed up my china and toted it off, he was worried for me that it might get broken and I would be mad at myself. Well, its all home, washed and put back into the china cabinet as I type so we are good. It was a very nice brunch, the food was delish and well the fellowship, like always at MABC was heart warming. My dear friend Kristi bought my tablecloth and pink napkins for me, which was super sweet. I was very proud of my table and of all the tables (25) I think I had to be in the top 5. LOL. Ok, so here enjoy the pics. I have to share.

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Lisa Duhon said...

Hey Denise,

Great job, it looks so professional!! You should go into business :)