Saturday, May 10, 2008

Soccer Tots

Waiting for Soccer to start.
Denise and Reese.
Reese, the teachers pet.
Reese catching her hoola hoop.

Reese started soccer tots today, she absolutely loved it. She thinks she is like her Aunt MaeMae, (Kimberly Wiggins.) It was a lot of fun to see what they would do, so far it was a lot of stretching running, chasing after hoola hoops, throwing soccer balls in the the rolling hoola hoops, setting up cones, kicking over the cones and then picking the cones back up. Every now and then Reese and her THREE and half year old self would get distracted and start running around holding hands with another little girl in her class. Reese is definatly a teachers pet, maybe not always a good thing, she would sometimes just do one task and then hang out with the coach... not going back and completing the task again. She is just almost 4.... and she had a blast and that is why we signed her up, to have fun and to expose her to something new. There are some really great pictures hope you enjoy.

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