Monday, September 29, 2008

Hatred for the little white trash can...

The girls are sick... both of them seem to be rotating turns over the little white bathroom trashcan. THEY HATE IT. How it started, I get a call at 11:50 that Reese threw up at lunch... on her, the table, across the table, and onto one of her classmates. GREAT! I don't get the message until a little after 12 and I manage to pick her up at 12:20... where she doesn't even make it out of the school before she throws up again. Once home she cryed to have a bath to wash her hair, so we did that and she threw up again. Paige wanted to join her in the tub so they both sat in the tub sucking on popsicles. At this point Reese seemed to perk up a bit. I got her all settled into a bed of towels in my room so she could watch a movie. Paige then climbed onto the other side of the bed to take her nap... the next hour was amazing. NOTHING happened. Craig got home a bit early today and he walked in to both girls sitting in my bed watching a movie, hugged Reese and asked how she had been. As soon as I said "She has been fine" PAIGE threw up all over UNTOWELED side of our bed. YAY us. So basically we have been rotating laundry, clothes, sheets, towels. Taking turns with the little white trash. THEY HATE IT.

Poor little girls, just pray that this is quick and that Craig and I stay healthy. We love and miss you all. :)

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