Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Day Three

Day Three... what beautiful weather we are having... FALL is here. Paige had speech therapy this morning, good news there... we are taking her therapy down to once a month. YAY. Luke had fun helping out with the therapy, Reese and Ashleigh snuggled on the couch watching Noggin. As soon as ST was over we headed over to Lunga Lake Park for some fun playtime and a picnic. We even took Ender, who is so super spoiled right now. We came home and the girls napped, Luke and Ashleigh went food shopping for me, when the girls got up we played outside for a while then ate dinner and then the girls and Ender both PASSED out. Another great day.

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cdodge said...

Nice photos and great seeing Ender. Just as big as Oscar.