Friday, September 5, 2008

Aunt Mae Mae's surprise arrival..

Craig's sister, Kim, better known as Aunt Mae Mae was attempting to surprise myself and the girls before her big move to San Diego, CA. She and Craig had been conspiring for a few weeks now, but the surprise had to be spoiled a little due to Hanna. Kim had the opportunity to leave Charleston, SC a day earlier which meant I had to be told of the conspiracy or she would have to sit at the airport for a day til Craig could pick her up tomorrow. Reese was SURPRISED for sure... in the pictures you will see the progression of her phone call to Kim while leaving Stafford, to arriving at the airport and rolling the window down, to her looking for someone, then seeing someone, then REALIZING who that someone was. It was great to watch. Paige, seemed to kind of know who Kim was but didn't. It was as if she knew the voice, from phone calls, but just wasn't sure of the face. It didn't take long for her to be at ease with Mae Mae, on the ride home she even began to say Mae Mae. We are happy to have family here, its been 9 MONTHS since we have seen anyone. We love You ALL!.

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Sumpffamilie said...

Awww!! Just seing those pictures made me tear up!! So sweet.