Thursday, February 12, 2009

Reese continues the laughs

Bedtime in this house hold is Craig's job. Reese is great if Mommy puts her to bed but Paige throws a fit. So, as long as Craig is home it is his job. The other night Reese continued the humor filled day. The girls had their baths, vitamins and teeth were brushed and they were off to bed, Reese decided to take a short cut across the room and jumped from Paige's bed to her bed and fell. On the floor Craig could tell she hurt herself because she was rubbing her foot/toes, but she wasn't hurt, so he asked "are you ok Reese?" her response... "NO, I hurt my big thumb of my foot" (her big toe)... this little girl just loves to say things that are too cute.
Smartie Pants Reese. :)