Monday, February 23, 2009

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Ok, so what has been up with the Wiggins Family lately? Let's see. Craig is in the field this week playing COMM Officer. He left this morning and will be back on Friday sometime... I feel really bad for him because its super cold this week, right now its 29 degrees outside. The girls are great, Reese recently painted a great water color painting for the Children's Silent Art Auction at the church. I will have to post a picture of it later because I haven't down loaded it off the camera and Craig has it out in the field. Paige is doing well, she is speaking more and more words each day and growing like a weed. I just pulled out a bunch of 3T clothes for her. Baby Claire is growing too, and is SUPER ACTIVE. I had an appointment last week and she has a strong heartbeat. I have gained two more pounds, I go back in, in about two weeks for the glucose test. JOY. I am still waiting on word for the referral to transfer my care out in town.
My friend Tara sent me a picture of a cute little dress that she made for her little girl and I loved it. I decided tonight to try the pattern out and make some for the girls, I have a few changes planned to the following dresses and plan on making a few more in other fabrics since Reese loves dresses so much, and that is beginning to rub of on Paige.
The girls are cute little models aren't they?

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The Willis Family said...

The girls look so cute in their matching dresses:)

Why are they transferring your care out in town now? I wish mine would too. I found out today that I will be a high risk pregnancy and will only be followed by doctors.....unlike everyone else who is ONLY seen by midwives until they are in their last month.

When will you find out where your being stationed at? How much longer does Craig have in school? I know, lots of question, sorry!