Monday, April 25, 2016

Young Living Love

I love essential oils, really love them.  I have conducted a lot of research, reading reviews and blogs and have decided to stay with Young Living Essential Oils.

When we moved home from Germany, I lost the cords to my YL diffusers.  So, for now I thought I would just try to find something that would work.  With three girls that love lavender diffusing when they go to bed I needed a less expensive route than the YL ones.  I know right, how could I go with anything other than Young Living, well finances will only allow for so much and it was more important to have the oils diffusing that not at all.  On that note I might try another brand diffuse but I will NOT buy any other essential oils than Young Living.  I am beyond happy that the URPOWER Essential Oil Diffuser 2nd Edition held up to the the Amazon reviews.

I will soon share with you what mists, cleaners, roller ball and cleaning recipes I have tried.

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