Sunday, July 15, 2012

First Frankfurt Four....

WOW, we have been in Frankfurt for FOUR weeks already... Time is flying by.  The girls are adjusting very well.  I think Craig and I are adjusting about the same.  It definitely took us longer to adjust to the time change and the very LONG days...

Most of you know that the process and journey for our family to finally get to Germany was long, stressful and an extreme emotional roller coaster.  Thanks to some amazing friends and a great family we made it.  With out all the support and kind words of faith and encouragement I know I wouldn't have made it for sure.  I would have been pleading with Craig to call the monitor and ask for something stateside.  With all that said, Germany is going to be worth it for sure.  It is amazing here.  I truly hope that you all will make an effort to accept our OPEN invitation to come and visit.  Our place is HUGE and with 5 bedrooms we have plenty of space.  I will eventually post pictures of our home/apartment/flat once our household goods arrive.  Hopefully in the next two weeks.  The truck arrival is much later... predicted for the middle of SEPTEMBER.  Please hurry up, we need our independence.

Wiggins Family in Rudesheim, Germany.

I have so much to share about our first four weeks here and I have no idea where to begin... I think I will just back through my camera and slowly post pictures of our adventure so far.. I will try to post them in order.  I need to get the big comp hooked up, working on this mini laptop is problematic.  I am attempting to get back into blogging, seems the best way to share our adventures.

Oh and since the title of the post is first Frankfurt Four..  I had and idea to post 4 things I have learned so far..

1.  Germans really do love their beer, even at 0700 on a Sunday morning.. they drink it ALL the time.

2.  My THREE hands full girlies are 1hand full more than the normal German family, so I get lots of looks here in the city.

3.  I only seem to have Euros now, never US dollars.  It is so strange to hand someone a 10 Euro bill/note to pay for something that is 2 Euros and get all CHANGE (coins) back... they only have 5 Euro/notes.  My wallet weighs a lot with all the 1 and 2 Euro coins.

4.  I will have great legs and a nice butt soon.. with all the walking and my three flights of stairs to get to my house.. :)


MaeMae said...

I love it! Can't wait to see more pictures. I will definitely accept your open invitation! Miss you guys so much! So does Lilah Belle! She misses you guys! Love you!

Andrea Kahkonen said...

I'm SO happy for you guys!! Your post made me smile this morning :) The Kahkonens will def be making an effort to take you up on that open invite for visitors!! It may take us longer than we'd like....can't wait to see more pics and hear about your adventures!!