Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thursday Three #2

Since yesterday was my birthday, this week I am telling you my three favorite indulgences, in no particular order.

#1. Starbucks venti iced peppermint white mocha with whip!
I didn't know until recently that you can get peppermint syrup all year round.  This is my weekly cheat.

#2. Tiramisu - creamy, lady fingers dipped in espresso.  Who wouldn't love this yummy dessert?

#3. Chocolate Cream Pie - not chocolate pudding pie, no graham cracker crust no whipped topping.  I honestly have never had a better chocolate cream pie than my own, its my grandmothers recipe.  She shared it with me, my Mom and my Aunt and I think I am the reigning Chocolate Cream Pie DIVA.  This pie takes time, love and patience... it isn't for the novice bakerl.  Its a CREAM filling which requires about 20 minutes of constant stirring.  On bottom is a flaky crust and on top and simple meringue.  HEAVEN.  My poor love, when we were first married this pie was just to rich for him.  Now the two of us could devour one pie together in two days.  My favorite time to eat it is the day after I make it for breakfast.  I want to make one now... hmmmm

PLEASE in your comments share YOUR favorite indulgences.

Oh, and what are we sharing next Thursay Three?

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Froggylady said...

Hmmm...I like lots of stuff so this one is gonna be hard for me to narrow down to three.

1. Spinach dip
2. vanilla icecream dipped in cherry from Tasteefreeze in Asheville.
3. Sourdough bread warm with butter or clam chowder.