Friday, August 10, 2012

Frankfurt Friday Four - Cosi Cosi

Cosi Cosi is a favorite little Bistro in our Dornbusch area of Frankfurt.  Almost everyone here at the consulate siedlung has either taken us there, pointed it out, told us we need to eat there or asked if we have been.  It is YUMMY.  The guys that work in there are very friendly and love kids.  There are tons of things on the menu I can't wait to try and the prices are fantastic.

The girls and I went last week for a birthday dinner for Paige.  

The Special girl and I... We had a great time.

Claire and Reese waiting for their pizza and schnitzel.

This was my salad?  No greens but it was delish.  I cleaned my plate.

We sure missed Daddy, but there will be many opportunities to try anything and everything on the menu. 

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