Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Am going back to work... A Mommy's Delima

Shortly after initially getting settled here in Frankfurt I realized that I would be pretty bored once the girls went to school.  Our house would be beyond spotless and laundry done within in one day a week, easily.  Back in California I was very involved in several volunteer opportunities.  Two mornings a week I was at the older girls school volunteering in their classrooms, I would have LINKS about every other week or so and Family Readiness meetings about the same.  So easily three days a week if not more were occupied.  I loved it.  I miss it.  The ladies at LINKS and at 9th Comm Battalion kept me sane during two back to back deployments.  They were AMAZING.  I also miss them.  

I don't have LINKS here and there isn't an active Family Readiness Team here.  The girls school is a 30 minute drive one way, gas is very expensive and well at the moment I don't even have a car.  LOL. 

The day I took Claire's paperwork over to her preschool I had a very nice chat with the new director and after just a few minutes of talking about our families history of moves and well, just life she encouraged me to put in an application for a teaching position at the school.  I walked away wondering if I should and decided that Craig and I could talk and pray over it.  The next week I took back some documents needed and again after a brief conversation, the director again suggested I apply for a position and soon.  (A little back story for you, back in February when we received orders for MCESG I inquired about a job posting at the school for the Registrar position that was posted on the website but was told by the previous director that the position was filled.)  That night after talking more with Craig I decided to dust off a resume and apply.  I also applied for part time clerk position at the consulate.  Then turned it over to God's hands to decide.  The consulate job hours would be pretty much the same as if I worked at Carl Schurz, however it is year round.  I am not sure I am ready to hire a nanny to watch the girls over fall, winter, spring and summer breaks.  I still want that job as a Mommy.  The next morning I received a phone call from the Human Resource office requesting an interview for a Teacher or Teacher's Assistant position at CS.  I was super excited.  A week later I went in for the interview and I walked away feeling very confidant and happy.  Then last week I was called again to discuss potential options.  The Registrar position is back open and I want to be considered for it.  At the meeting we discussed the process of hiring all the Teachers and TA's before they could hire a Registrar.  I told them I really want to be a part of the team and I would be happy where ever they placed me.  Yesterday I decline the Teaching offer and signed the papers for a Teacher's Assistant position.  I am very happy.  Eventually the Registrar position will be open.  I know at least one other very qualified lady that will also be applying.  It is in God's hands.  I have done what I can, if I get it YAY.  If someone else does then I will still be happy and make the Teaching Assistant position ME. 

I thought I would want a job at the consulate, "A Real Big Girl Mommy Job" where I could maybe meet Craig for lunch and wear nice outfits and super cute shoes and be me, Denise.  After a lot of praying I realized I am not ready for that.  I can still be me, Denise, pretty much where ever I want to.  It is a choice.  Germany is going to be a lot of fun.. We are basically in the wagon wheel of Europe.  God has blessed our family with this opportunity and now with the extra added income travel option are boundless.


MaeMae said...

How wonderful! I am so excited for you guys! I hope you enjoy every minute of it and I'm sure you will add so much to the team. You're sweet smile will light up the room. I wish I was there to take the 'nanny' position. Haha. Xoxo!

Chaos and Clarity said...

congrats! i enjoy seeing the pics of your new adventures.

Andrea Kahkonen said...

How exciting!! I'm glad things have worked out for you and the TA position sounds like a perfect transition job to ease you back into the working world!!