Saturday, November 29, 2008

Miss Sick Reese!

So Reese has pneumonia... last week she seemed to be getting a cold but handled it just fine. On Monday she woke up at 4 with a fever and she threw up twice. So I took her into the clinic. I also took Paige because she had the nasty nose and cough too. The Dr. thought Strep. So he did a rapid test on both girls, Paige's came back negative and Reese's came back iffy but not positive. So he said to wait til Wednesday and call back for culture results. So I did, Reese never threw up again but still had a fever off and on for the next two days. So Wednesday I call the clinic and the nurse tells me no strep. Must be viral and just to keep doing the motrin and humidifier. Watch the fever and keeps up the clinic would be open on Friday. So that's what we did. Now Reese's mood has been fine, unless she has a fever then she just crawls under a few blankets and zones. She had a fever at least once over the next two days and Friday morning woke up at three with one over 103. I had enough. So as soon as I could I called to get another appointment, this time with a different Dr. So we got dressed and rushed to the clinic because I was on the phone with them until 7:40 and her appointment was at 8:10. We get there right at 8:10, I was surprised they didn't send me back home with the whole you need to be here 15 mins early lecture. She got right in and the Dr. checked her over and was for sure she had pneumonia... the chest x-ray confirmed it and now we have drugs and are doing better. Reese has always been this way. When she was about 14 months something very similar happened. I took her into the clinic in Charleston on a Monday, because she had been sick, and they couldn't find anything and sent us home, then on either Wednesday or Thursday I took her back and she had a double ear infection and pneumonia then... makes me so mad when Dr. don't listen to me. Well, all is well now. She has a follow up on Monday.

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Froggylady said...

Poor baby! I hope she's feeling much better after the medicine and that she's able to fight it off quickly!