Thursday, June 19, 2008

Paige's Surgery

Ok, So Paige is scheduled for Surgery on July 15th to have tubes put into her ears and her adenoids taken out. We are really nervous about the procedure. I know it is fairly routine but it will still be scary to put your child to sleep and have them go under any kind of knife. This isn't the first time we have had to see her go to surgery, so we know what its like to have to sit around and worry and well WAIT. On the other hand we are somewhat excited about the outcome after the surgery. She hasn't been prone to ear infections, its just her speech therapist suggested getting her hearing tested again. We have always thought that when she does actually speak the few words she knows it seems and sounds like she can't hear. After the morning trip to Bethesda to have her hearing tested and to see the ENT, we find out that she does have an effusion in both ears and that the ear drums aren't even vibrating. She doesn't have any hearing damage. Like Craig her adenoids are very enlarged, the cause of why she still DROOLS like crazy and her mouth is always wide open. Ok, bottom line is, that this is good news. It means that Paige is OUR a miracle child. Her diagnosis before leaving MUSC Children's Hospital at three weeks old was, Cerebral Palsy, would most likely be mentally and physically handicapped, that she would NOT be in the normal spectrum (what ever that is.) so after overcoming her hypertonia through physical therapy and now dealing with the speech delay to find out that the speech delay is not at all related to the hypoxia (brain injury)/seizures, well is a MIRACLE. We love you Paige and can not wait to meet the new you after you can HEAR correctly.

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