Monday, March 17, 2008

Its Time To Celebrate!

So I am now 31 years old. I seriously think its just another number now. LOL. I had a wonderful weekend. Saturday, Craig and I were able to go on a date. We really didn't do anything crazy, I really wanted to go to this antique store that is up the road from our house, so we did that, did some shopping and then went for a drive out in the country to look at a few decorated model homes. Thank you Ashleigh P. for watching the girls. They really adore you. Then we had a bbq at the house with a few friends. I spent my actual birthday teaching Reese's Sunday school class then going to worship service. For lunch Craig, the girls and I joined three of our closest friends and family here in VA for a birthday lunch at Macaroni Grill. I had a great time and really am so thankful to have such wonderful friends. Then I went shopping and daydreaming, LOL, with the my girlfriends and home for a restful evening with just the family. Thank you for all your birthday calls and cards, honestly it was the most I think I have received since I turned 18. I love and miss you all.

Denise :)


glassmermaid said...

Happy Birthday Denise.....yes you are right just feels like another number!
Looks like you had a wonderful time! You look great! I couldn't remeber if it was 15th or 16th....Again Happy Birthday

Sumpffamilie said...

MACCARONI GRILL???!!! Sigh... before I even got past the first 3 pics, i asked myself "Is that the MG?" Sure enough.... how do I know these things? LOL! Well, I hope you had a great birthday... no BAR GOLF? LOL!! Last year rocked!