Thursday, May 14, 2009

37 week appointment

Sorry I haven't updated the blog in forever... we had a lot going on and I should have blogged to share. Craig's grandmother passed away, w went to NC for a wedding, Craig had surgery on his ankle, he is doing well. I have had several appointments. So, I guess I will just update for today.
I am 37 weeks, had my second weekly appointment this morning. I am dilated to 1 cm, YAY. We all know that really doesn't mean anything, she could come tonight or in 2-3 weeks. I have lost some weight, but no worries, my belly (uterus) is still measuring right on track. Her heart rate was in the 140's. All is well with Miss Claire, she is still very active and loves to kick my ribs or out on the right side. Trying to pack bags and prepare the house and girls for her arrival.
We are gearing up for the last few weeks of preschool. Craig is finishing up at COMM School. We had orders but because of Craig's surgery and recovery time we lost them. We hope to have new ones sometime after graduation June 5th. Maybe to CA??

I will update the blog next Thursday evening... oh, have you made your guess on the Claire guess game site??? If not here is the info: enter ClaireWbabyWeight


Froggylady said...

I want to rub your belly! I love it! You have too much exciting stuff going's driving me nuts. LOL Cause I know you're not at all excited about Claire's arrival or getting orders.

Willis Party of 5 said...

I'm sorry to hear about Craig's grandma!

I know your so excited to get to finally meet Miss Claire. Doesn't it seem like the last month is the LONGEST month of your whole pregnancy!

Willis Party of 5 said...

Okay, so its TOTALLY time to repost something since your baby girl is like a year old already!