Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I Failed... my inital glucose test.

Any pregnant woman would know that we all take a glucose test to screen for gestational diabetes at 28 weeks. The test involves fasting over night and then drinking this super sugary drink in under 5 minutes then waiting an hour doing nothing in the waiting room of the lab or doctor's office then having your blood drawn. Well if you pass which I always have in the past your free for the rest of the pregnancy. Well this time around I didn't do so hot, I guess my glucose is elevated. Next step? Another glucose test, this one will be THREE hours. UGH. So, I have fasted over night and am waiting til 9 to take the girls over to Kristi's house for Cassie to watch while I go to the Dr.'s office to go through the process all over again for the THREE hours. Now I get to sit in the waiting room hungry bored and stressed. I know this test could come back fine it's just the stress of it. I have never had this happen before, why now? I feel great for the most part, I know I am getting older and I know I wasn't a skinny woman before hand, but I eat well, I am not lazy, and I have only gained 4.4 pounds. UGH. I guess some things are just out of our control.

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The Willis Family said...

You've only gained 4.4 lbs total!!!!! How is that possible?!?! I want the secert to that!!!! I hope you pass this time around! I was just thinking of that test yesterday, dreading it for when I have to do it. It always makes me feel sick to my stomach, like I am on a "low" so to say. As if I'm going to pass out. I get to do the 24hr pee test! That will be fun!!!!